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The Indian Music Group of St. Xavier's College is set to launch a New Website

A new website is set to be launched by the Indian Music Group (IMG) at St. Xavier's College (SXC) by end of September. A website, which will narrate the IMG's history and legacy will be created through the collective efforts of four to five students from Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) department at SXC.

The executive committee of 2019-2020 proposed to launch this website given the rich legacy and the noble history of the IMG, says Shah Taimni, 19, Executive Head for Press and Publicity at IMG.. According to Taimni, the IMG was founded in 1973 with the support of the them Principal Fr. Pereira, Ustad Alla Rakha, and Ustad Zakir Hussain. It is an independent organization, which falls under the Xavier's jurisdiction.

The IMG has a music library at SXC, which provides access to its members to a plethora of music compact discs (CDs) and vinyl records of the Indian music traditions ranging from Hindustani classical to Carnatic classical. Hindustani classical music is a North Indian music tradition along with Carnatic, which is a music tradition thaat originates from the southern Indian.

Taimni added, "The music library holds not just Hindustani or Carnatic classical music but a range of other genres such as Sufi music, Ghazals."

The IMG, mainly student-run is backed by teachers, Pratibha Naithani from the Department of Political Science, Baskar Saha and Dr. Prashant Ratnaparkhi from the Department of Life Science who provide an extensive support and are an essential part of as the faculty.

"The website will educate more people about the different genres of Indian Classical music that are so elite in nature today," says Anupama Gopinathan, 20, Co-Executive Head for Press and Publicity at IMG.

Gopinathan added, "People will understand the changing nature of the Indian Classical Music through this website."

The website will have an archive of pictures from the concerts and festivals such as Janfest, the annual Birthday Concerts held at SXC. The website will also have a digitised archive of music CDs and vinyl records. "The digitised archive will only be available to the members of the IMG," said Shaurya Singh, 20, General Secretary at IMG.

"Once the website is launched, within a month or two a portal will be opened for the members where they get to access the digital versions of the many music CDs and vinyl records present with the music library at SXC," added Singh.

The executive committee of IMG has many exciting upcoming events planned for this academic year such as the Janfest, the annual birthday concert and the launch of IMG's very first coffee table book. According to Gopinathan, the back end is ready since the codes are already in place but the front-end of the website which includes the website designing is in progress.

by Gargee Ranade

Dated: 06/2019

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