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A Grief’s Remorse

Two years had passed, and grief arrived yet again uninvited at my door.
Summoning the courage, I questioned her, "What is it that you seek from me now? Haven't you inflicted enough pain?"

Grief gently replied, "I understand your reluctance towards my presence, but this time, I have come to offer solace and to remind you that life exists and extends beyond the realm of sorrow."

We fell silent.

Grief was remorseful of all the pain she inflicted, but the pain was merely lessons –
important ones that guided the heart and gently healed it from the inside.

Through the cracks caused by the grief, my wounded spirit rose.

“Those lessons, though born from agony, held the power to transform and heal,” the wounded spirit proclaimed.

Looking at grief, I expressed maybe she wasn’t an antagonist to be blamed but rather a compassionate teacher to be remembered, imparting invaluable lessons while guiding my fragile heart.

Ever since, I saw grief in a different light.

Curiously, grief questioned, “So does this mean we can be friends after all?”
I gently nodded, “No, the truth is you’ve caused too much harm and pain for us ever to be friends.”
However, I thank you and understand now that although you caused immense pain, your remorse revealed a deeper purpose.
“So while I don’t imagine us as friends, we could certainly be nurturing teachers to one another, guiding each other with a purpose to heal and repair as we age and face the inevitable death,” I responded.

In the end, grief and I parted ways, knowing that our paths would intersect again.
Though we may forever carry the weight of our encounters, we became intertwined as guiding lights, illuminating the way forward.

The scars we bear are reminders of our resilience, glistening with hope and reminding us that our journey is one of growth and self-discovery.
As we continued to walk hand in hand, we did so with a sense of pride, knowing that we forged a bond that transcended mere adversaries—a bond that testifies to the triumph of the human spirit over the trials it faces.


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