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Social Media Portfolio

Explore my social media graphic designing portfolio below.

I have developed diverse social media experiences, from refreshing WhoWhatWhy's feed to amplifying community voices at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. At The Fordham Observer and Paddling Foundation, I worked on social media graphic design. I currently work with the Central Park Conservancy on their editorial and social media teams to assist, write, and edit digital content as well as video scripts, aiming to increase public interest and engagement towards New York City's backyard–Central Park.


Collaborated with the Editorial and Social Media team to write social media copy for the park's social platforms, and copy for the park's comprehensive summer 2024 guide, conduct interviews, write video scripts for parkwide initiatives, and capture high-quality photos and videos for an annual charity event by the Women's Committee.


Redesigned and refreshed social media layouts and their Instagram profile. Created over 150 social media news stories/posts to date.
Resulting in a neater-looking brand page.

Sample Layouts

Before image



Sample Profile





Fordham University

I created, assembled, and edited all the social media content for the Graduate School's Department of Marketing and Communications between May 2022 and September 2023 and analyzed the content to track the reach, engagement, and audience interactions.


The Spotlight Project: highlighting Fordham community voices (alumni, faculty, and students.)

Posts (Graphics)

Social media page
social media page


instagram reel
"what's a selfcare habit you live by" Instagram reel
Fordham Observer
Instagram post
instagram post
Paddling Foundation

I worked on various tasks like content ideas, social media copy and graphics, edited, and designed, 'The Crimson Wave' (the organization's first e-newsletter), and created an editorial calendar to organize social media content..  @paddlingfoundation


Here are a few of the graphics/posts I worked on!  


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